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28 February 2014, Author: Angie,
Category: The Team

I remember one Sunday evening in Denmark walking home with some friends. They were grumbling about work the next day. I was feeling extremely excited for work the next day – I almost always did – being a dancer was the most exciting fulfilling job that never felt like a “job” Once I hit my 40's and no longer danced or taught dance for a living I had a couple of jobs which made me relate to my friends back in Copenhagen!

About a 18 months ago, I delivered some Chromakey fabric to some friends of mine who were making a children's TV series with puppets. When I walked into the Rocketboot Rex Studio and met these little ALIEON Characters, and saw the incredibly designed sets, I was BLOWN away!! Jenni and Charles had made everything – it had taken them years and you could feel the love! Jen & I had lost contact for some years so it was great to catch up & I spent most of the day falling in love with Sü! (he's so cool!) It seemed I had a knack for moving these lil' guys, I guess my background in movement helped me to bring them to life.

A few days later, I received a call from Jen asking me whether I'd like to puppeteer for ALIEONS!
I did! So I immersed myself in the world of puppetry. ALIEONS are not Marionettes, nor Muppets, so we had to devise our own method of puppetry. These little characters are only 6” inches tall, so even my heartbeat affected their movement on film. The ALIEONS are so perfectly made – and each has their own unique character – I cant wait for you to get to know them and their histories!!

Soon after, I got the opportunity to become the Video Editor as well! I immersed myself in every tutorial and book I could find as was lucky enough to learn while I worked. I have fallen in love with video editing – it feels like choreographing a dance. Choosing a specific piece of footage, compositing the characters to interact with each other at the perfect timing, adding audio and music – I feel completely absorbed and in a total state of Flow when I edit.

I now spend my days with 3 talented colleagues, 6 Alieons and 1 quirky Robot – and I can happily say that come Sunday night, I'm excited about work the next day.




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