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+++ It get's technical sometimes...

08 March 2014, Author: Charles,
Category: Production

The guy on the left is Graham – he’s a DIT: a Digital Imaging Technician, who we had called in for a consultation, to advise us on our workflow and media management. We’re not smiling because we’re concentrating!

We’ve asked in several consultants over the last couple of years because bringing Alieons to the screen can, simply put, be sometimes rather tricky!

Even the simplest looking shot is in fact made of several layers and sometimes dozens of elements. So we’ve spent a great deal of time (well, Pierre has) and sought the input of many specialists to create the technical infrastructure that enables us to bring Alieons to the screen. And although you don’t see all these back workings (and all the meetings like in the happy picture above), it’s as vital as the characters, sets & scripts etc themselves.



+++ Making the models
05 March 2014, Author: Charles,
Category: Production

Even though physical model have been used in film and TV for generations, their use still intrinsically appeals to people.

Of course computer-generated imagery is the mainstay of effects these days, but many major films still use models as part of their production process; they impart a physicality on screen that at the moment CGI alone can’t attain.

For me, building the props and other physical assets is about the concentration of design and effort. I have to focus on every 3mm bolt that goes into a set, even though there may be hundreds of them; they need to be textured, painted and inked, so that they acquire the look we are seeking on screen. With Alieons, the idea and the hope is that when people watch, both adults and children, that they will feel and enjoy the effort that gone into creating this world.


+++ Inspiration
28 February 2014, Author: Jenni,
Category: Production

I want something that will inspire, thrill and educate my boy Sam, bringing to light the brilliant, wonderful, fantastic and weird things in this world… natural and man made. What better way to inspire children to love science, biology, geography and life than to make it practical, exciting and Hipcool. Also, I want my son to be inspired by brilliant female characters as well as the males, who says only the boys have to get all the fantastic gear, gadgets, ships and stories… so we made things like the Sprite, Zaphnés personal jet ~ it has lasers and 19 diamonds on it… Pretty!



+++ Making Alieons

28 February 2014, Author: Charles,
Category: Production

Firstly, however you got here, thanks for visiting!

If you’re not sure what Alieons is about, have a look at the Series Overview page.

There you’ll find out we’re making a most groovy sci-fi series for kids aged 3 to 127½ years old which is to be greatly appreciated by both boys and girls! It’s high adventure mixed with educational content that will surreptitiously educate children and adult alike.

And you’ll also learn that we are looking to independently produce the first season this year via Kickstarter crowd funding - no corporate network launch here!

This blog will link to the trailers we’ll release every week, chronicle the progress we’re making, and open a window into our mixed up, synergized world of high tech videography and old skool physical ships, props and sets (a la original Star Wars).

And if you think any of it is reasonably cool, potentially educational and uplifting, please share it via the plethora of social media that connects our small planet!


The full time team L to R: Jenni, Pierre, Angie & Charles


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