Alieons - Grand Adventures on Planet Earth!


+++ So, what is Alieons? +++

Alieons is a family sci-fi adventure series that is currently being developed by Rocketboot Rex Studios.

In it we follow a team of alien explorers here on planet Earth, with each episode blending an adventure story and surreptitious learning; an educational element is embedded in each plot: inspiring, bit-sized, and integral to the storyline.

Through this website blog and via the Alieons Facebook, we’ll be chronicling the development of the project, and looking to garner public support (that’s you!) and financing so that we can proceed with producing the first season. So please keep following and sharing!

+++ Background +++

Six aliens & one quirky robot come to Earth aboard the Copernicus, a powerful and beautiful research vessel, on a mission of exploration and adventure.

With a deep love for science, these audacious explorers discover marvels, both natural and made-made; every episode we journey with them to places of wonder and mild peril, and through teamwork and skill, they overcome obstacles, challenges and Grimbling attacks to win the day and get back to the ship in time for a lovely cup of tea.

These are the Alieons.

This is a show about relationships & courage, nature & science, gadgets, spaceships, the occasional space battle, learning something new, working together and being excellent at what you do.

Oh, and the Alieons… they’re only six inches tall…

+++ Everyone gets to watch! +++

The show – the storylines & level of learning – is designed primarily for boys & girls, 6 to 10 years old.

But just hold onto your space-horses, that’s not all!

What we’ve strived to create is a window into the Alieon’s world that everyone will enjoy – the detail, the characters, the humour and even the bits of knowledge. We know ourselves and from parental research, adults are desperate to watch something with their children that they themselves find interesting; not brain-numbing and repetitive, but also not resorting to the freneticism, violence or aggressive attitude that is also prevalent in children’s shows.

+++ Season outline +++

The first season of 15 minute episodes is already scripted:

+++ What's the status of the series? +++

As of March 2014, we are just finishing nearly three years of pre-production - that’s the concepting, characterization development, scripting & storyboarding, establishing the hybrid-animation process, creating the physical characters, building the sets & ships and a myriad of other tasks needed to be completed before we even start shooting the first episode. 

And now…

Although we had originally concepted the series for release via traditional television networks,
the potential of crowd funding has developed to
such a point that it presents production companies like ourselves with the opportunity to produce something beyond the traditional modus.

Why? Crucially and simply put, we will retain full artistic control of Alieons: the development of the existing characters, adding new characters, the long term mythology and story arcs as we’re envisioned.

+++ If you like where Alieons is going … get involved! +++

We’ve already managed to fund the hundred’s of thousands of dollars/pounds ourselves to get the entire pre-production phase to near completion. And now, instead of going to a network, we essentially want to partner with you out there to see the first season of Alieons get made.

So, if you like what we’ve done so far and where we’re going, please keep following us – subscribe to our website and follow our blog, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and please let your friends & family know about this project - this is at the heart of having the whole adventure succeed.

We’ll let you know when we start our Kickstarter campaign in the next couple of months… and there you’ll not only be able to support the project, but pick up the special edition releases.

+++ Rocketboot Rex Studios +++

We are a television studio physically based in Cape Town, South Africa, with four permanent staff working on the Alieons series, as well as a bunch of other talented specialists contributing.

The cast members for the show are in New York, London, Cardiff & Cape Town.

The Alieon series has been created by Jennifer du Preez, whose past experience includes working as a creatures sculptor on Harry Potter & the Philosopher's (Sorcerer’s) Stone and The Mummy Returns, as well as sculpting work for several major companies as Wedgwood and Disney.

That's all for now, but please come back frequently as we'll keep you up to date with the project's progress and what we're working on every day.

Go well, and thanks for looking.

Charles Martin

Jennifer du Preez
Creator of the Alieons series


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